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James Tan

The youthful, innovative spirit of the founders of the Lingnan School has inspired James Tan to extend his own work well beyond tradition. He blends mastery of Chinese brush painting with an ability to capture the essence of Western culture, thereby creating a style of Chinese brush painting which is distinctly his own.


James Tan graduated from the Singapore Academy of Art in 1972 and continued his studies with Chinese brush painting masters in Singapore, Taiwan and San Francisco until 1980 establishing himself as a master of the traditional and Lingnan schools of Chinese brush painting with his own distinctive style. He has taught and lectured extensively world-wide, including The National Museum Art Gallery (Singapore), The Victoria and Albert Museum in London. and annual lecture & demonstration at the arts in Action? festival in London, U.K. Mr. Tan has won an extensive list of awards and honors and has exhibited extensively. 38 one-man shows in Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Dubai, Bahrain, Australia, England, Germany, the U.S.A., and Canada.


James' recent works retain the same exquisite quality that has made his name synonymous with creativity and true excellence around the world. His works are represented in international private and corporate collections world-wide. Several books have been published featuring his and his students works.


He is the President of the Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver (2007-2009) and (2009-2011). Secretary of Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver, 2009 he have been nominate and Selected in the Finalists of 2009 AsiaNetwork Asian of the Year Awards.


Lectures and Demonstrations

James gives lectures and demonstrations on the history and art of Chinese brush painting to small and large groups in such settings as the National Museum Art Gallery (Singapore), and The Victoria and Albert Museum in London.  He also gives demonstrations annually at the "Art in Action" festival organized by the Art Department of The School of Economic Science, London.


All Lectures and Demonstrations can be arranged,  please contact James for more information and availability.  

Contact : jamestan168@gmail.com 

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